Serving the Greater Toronto Area

Shelley Blechman wanted to create a service for all pet owners to help them through an extremely traumatic time.

Shelley Blechman is well known in Toronto for her company, All-Star Accommodations Inc. which connects film stars, rock icons and business tycoons with all kinds of high-end homes. She is frequently seen on Star TV and written about in the Toronto Star, National Post and Toronto Sun.

Shelley Blechman's greatest passion has always been with her love for animals. Shelley currently has a menagerie of three dogs and three cats.

"I've decided to offer a service for people like me who go into hysterics when they discover their pet has died or needs to be 'put down'. It's hard to think clearly on handling arrangements when you are in such an emotional state", explains Shelley. "I'm a real animal lover".

Shelley, working together with her husband Eric will look after everything. They will come to your home or animal hospital to pick up your deceased pet and make the arrangements for the burial or cremation. They are compassionate, loving and understanding.

Together they commit to every pet owner, that their pet will be treated with all the love, dignity and respect they rightfully deserve.

We recommend "The Metro Toronto Animal Loss Support Group", to reach out in your grief afterwards.

It's hard when you lose your best friend, sometimes you need to talk to someone who will understand your pain and will relate to you.