Wooden Urns
Angel Wing Pockets
Angel wing pockets are constructed from soft velvet material designed as a soft cremains container for easy storage. 

Sized to Pets Cremains
A 100 VB

Remembrance Jewelry
Keep your pet close to your heart with this elegant hand crafted sterling silver memorial jewelry. Each keepsake comes with an 18" chain and case with a small compartment for cremains.

Cross $800.00
1/16" x 3/4"
A 100 SSC

Heart: $700.00
5/8" x 5/8"
A 100 SSL

Engraved Plaque with Chain
Our silver plate and chain enhances any urn with a personal touch and engraved message that shares the memory of your pet.

A 100 PC

Wooden Urn Stand
Add that personal message to your pet's memorial with this wooden urn stand. Choose between laser etching or an engraved brass plate to create a lasting memory.

Small: $70.00
5" x 4"
AW 100 1

Large: $80.00
5" x 4.5"
AW 300 1

Memorial Clay Paw Print
Every pet has a unique paw print. Make a lasting impression of your pets paw print in terra cotta clay, placed in our padded blue keepsake box.

Terra Cotta
A 100 PP

Paw Print Frame
This stylish frame provides a unique way to display a paw print of your best friend. Available in mahogany finish, this frame can be customized with the addition of an engraved brass plate.

Wood: $55.00
10" x x12"
WF 100 P

Tabletop Photo Paw Print Display
This is a beautiful way to display a photo and paw print of your best friend and is available for those choosing either individual or communal cremation. Available in wood finishes of black or mahogany.

Wood: $110.00
7" x 9"
(Each Half Measures)
TT 100 PP