Custom Sculptured Urns
Cultured Marble Urn
The elegance of cultured marble is a distinguishable feature that pays tribute to the cherished life of your pet. Laser etching and brass plates are available at an additional cost.

9" x 6" x 6"
UM 300 White
UM 300 Black

Beloved Pet Urn
Be rest assured your loved pet is in a safe place with this angelic ceramic figurine urn. Your pet's guardian angel will forever keep watch over your pet's cremains.

One Size: 

6" x 8"
UC300 D

Everlasting Rock Urn
This natural looking garden stone is an excellent way of preserving your pet's love for the outdoors. Your pet's cremains are protected from outdoor elements in this polymer replica and will easily fit into any garden setting. Laser etching included.

10" x 10"
UP 300 G

Bronzed Finished Cat Urn
This exquisite hand crafted bronze finished figurine adds greater dimension to your beloved pet's memories. Keeps your pet's cremains safely inside while complementing your decorative tastes.

9" x 4"
UB 300 2883