Photo Memories
Elegant Photo Urn
Each urn is hand crafted from a variety of hardwoods with special inset for a photo. These urns keep your memories with you by adding your favourite photo of your beloved pet. Laser etching and brass plates are available at an additional cost.

Small:  $200.00
5" x 4" x 4"
UW 100 W

Large: $285.00
7" x 5" x 5"
UW 300 W

Illuminated Etching Urn
Capture the timelessness of the special friendship with this wall frame urn. Available in a black or natural finish, this urn allows you to display a paw print and a picture of your faithful companion.


IE 100 U

Wall Frame Photo Paw Print Urn
Be rest assured your loved pet is in a safe place with this angelic ceramic figurine urn. Your pet's guardian angel will forever keep watch over your pet's cremains.

12" x 15"
WF 100 PPU

Wall Frame Combination Urn
Create a lasting memorial with this wall frame urn. It provides a tasteful way to display your pet's picture, paw print and cremation certificate. Available in either black or natural wood finish.

15" x 12"
WF 100 PPC

Tabletop Photo Paw Print Urn
Simple yet stylish, with the cremains inside, this tabletop urn lets you display a photograph as well as a paw print of your pet. Available in black or mahogany finish, this urn will fit with any décor.

7" x 9"
TT 100 PU

Portrait Urn
Place your favourite picture of your beloved pet in our hand crafted hardwood portrait urn. This portrait is a complete urn and can stand alone or be hung on a wall.

Small: $300.00
5" x 7"
Oak: UW 100 1P
Cherry: UW 100 1P

Large:  $400.00
8" x 10"
Oak: UW 300 1P
Cherry: UW 300 1P

Stained Glass Photo Urn
A special photo insert allows you to preserve the memory of your pet and customize the urn at the same time. A keepsake box above the cremains compartment allows you to keep cherished mementos with your pet forever. Each urn is hand crafted and available in many colour choices.

DOG:  $280.00
5" x 5" x 6"
SG 100 PUD

CAT:  $280.00
5" x 5" x 6"
SG 100 PUC

Stained Glass Photo Cube Urn
With three photo inserts, you will be able to display your favourite memories of you pet's life. The keepsake box above the cremains compartment is perfect for collars, tags or any other mementos of your pet.

6 x 6" x 7"
SG 100 PCU

Stained Glass Companion Oil Candle Urn
Allowing you to keep your best friends together is truly a gift. This urn allows two pets to be kept side by side while also giving the beauty of oil candles and picture inserts. Hand made and available in many colour choices.

9" x 4" x 7"
SG 100 OCU

Stained Glass Doug House Urn
This urn is the perfect resting place for your dog's cremains. The dog house door contains an insert for your favourite picture and the drawer on the bottom opens for use as a keepsake compartment.

7" x 8" x 9"
SG 100 DHU

All stained glass urns are available in a wide variety of colours.
Please specify colours when ordering:
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Steel Blue
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Light Blue
Medium Blue
Sage Green
Kelly Green